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Επαγγελματικό Σύστημα Λεύκανσης δοντιών για ΑΜΕΣΑ αποτελέσματα

Proven Formula

We developed a teeth whitening treatment without hydrogen peroxide but even more efficient, based on a unique FCC (Filmocrystallized Calcium)-technology.

Small white bio-active crystals are used in combination with a strong film forming polymeric agent. Thanks to this innovative technology, the white bio-active crystals will be physically fixed on the tooth surface. The physical fixation of the white crystals leads to an optical whitening effect. This FCC-technology is reinforced by an innovative teeth whitening novelty: P.A.P. which is a strong stain-removing molecule that breaks down discolourations on the teeth in little pieces without affecting the teeth structure. 

Clinical studies proved that iWhite Instant is 100% dental safe and gives you an immediate whitening effect after the first application. Some patients had up to 8 shades improvement after one treatment. However, every person is different and results can vary per person.