iWhite Technology©

We invented a teeth whitening treatment which is without hydrogen peroxide but even more efficient, based on a unique FCC (Film-Crystallized Calcium )-technology.

Small white bio-active crystals are used in combination with a strong film forming polymeric agent. Thanks to this innovative technology, the white bio-active crystals will be physically fixed on the tooth surface. The physical fixation of the white crystals leads to an optical whitening effect. This FCC-technology is reinforced by an innovative teeth whitening novelty: P.A.P. which is a strong stain-removing molecule that breaks down discolorations on the teeth in little pieces without affecting the teeth structure.

Clinical studies proved that iWhite Instant is 100% dental safe and gives you an immediate whitening effect after the first application. Some patients had up to 8 shades improvement after one treatment. However, every person is different and results can vary per person.

Instant Results****

A clinical study was conducted at the offices of an independent, well-respected expert. This dentist was the former president of the Belgian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (BAED) and member of several academies of esthetic investigatory and has been performing whitening procedures for more than 20 years. Results from this study on the effectiveness of iWhite Instant showed an average of 4,8 shades, while some patients had results of 8 shades after one 20 minute treatment!

Shade Improvement (SH)Percentage of Patients (%)
SH 04%
SH 10%
SH 24%
SH 324%
SH 416%
SH 58%
SH 612%
SH 724%
SH 88%
Table 1: Distribution of shade improvement

100% safe

None of the patients suffered from gum problems or sensitivity after the treatment and all of them were satisfied about the overall convenience of the easy-to-use trays.

QuestionAnswerT1 (n)T2 (n)
Does the patient have aphthous ulcers?No100%100%
Does the patient have white spots on the soft tissues?No100%100%
Do you feel sensitivity to your teeth?No100%100%
Table 2: Distribution on acceptability data

**** Clinical study (Double blinded randomized clinical trial of a teeth whitening product vs a placebo).

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