iWhite Natural Dissolving Whitening Strips

28 ready-to-use strips
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  • Up to 7 shades whiter teeth
  • Infused with 100% natural ingredients
  • Self-dissolving strips
  • Enamel safe
  • Clinically proven safe & effective
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The iWhite Natural dissolving whitening strips safely whiten your teeth, anywhere & anytime with nothing to remove. On top of that, these revolutionary strips are loaded with 100% natural ingredients which are gentle on your enamel but tough on stains.

Just apply, dissolve & smile!


  • Up to 7 shades whiter teeth

iWhite was and is a fortier in non-hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening. iWhite Natural dissolving whitening strips are formulated with the same iWhite technology as our top performing & hydrogen peroxide-free whitening kits, meaning clinically proven safe & effective. The result? A bright white smile up to 7 shades whiter teeth!

  • Infused with 100% natural teeth whitening actives

Certain fruits like papain & strawberries have the power to whiten teeth! Let’s share some insights about those power whitening fruits which give you that big white smile:

Papain provides removal of the protein portion of the plaque, hereby removing stains that are bound to these proteins. It is clinical proven that you have a whitening effect after 1 application.

Strawberries are also known as strong natural whitening agents. It’s clinically demonstrated that strawberries have teeth whitening and cleaning effects which help to dissolve stains.

  • Teeth whitening made effortless!

Just place the whitening strips on your teeth and let them do all the work for you. They will whiten and then dissolve automatically. No fuss or hassle, you can use the strips anytime & anywhere YOU want to whiten your teeth!

What are you waiting for? You can start right away as soon as you open the package. Use for 14 consecutive days for the most astonishing & optimal results.

iWhite Natural dissolving whitening strips: GENTLE ON YOUR ENAMEL but TOUGH ON STAINS!

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