iWhite Express Whitening Kit

IW Express
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  • Actively removes stubborn stains caused by certain food, drinks and tobacco
  • Helps prevent the formation of dental plaque and removes stains
  • Strengthens the enamel and remineralizes the teeth
  • Neutralizes mouth acids
  • Fights sticky biofilm produced by bad bacteria in the mouth
  • Gives your breath a fresh sensation
  • Clinically proven safe and effective
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Do you want a sparkling smile and do you want it now?

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It’s possible with our newest novelty: iWhite Express! This revolutionary instant teeth whitening device actively removes stubborn stains & dental plaque from hard-to-reach tooth surface areas. With visible results in just ONE minute!

iWhite Express is a revolutionary, dental safe teeth whitening device with immediate results.

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The ultra-thin sponge structure has a great absorption capacity and easily removes stubborn stains and dental plaque in hard-to-reach tooth surface areas.

The stain eraser sponge has to be activated with a few drops of the iWhite Express teeth whitening serum which contains natural whitening enzymes, enamel strengthening actives and cooling agents for a fresh-breath sensation. The combination of the stain eraser sponge and whitening serum leads to pearly white teeth and long term cleanliness of the tooth surface.

On average 93% whiter teeth in just 1 minute***

How to use the iWhite Express whitening kit in order to get a white and sparkling smile?

Customer reviews

42 reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars

14 November 2019


Very good whitening kit . Really helps

Easy to use

14 September 2019


Easy to use but my teeth are sensitive


12 September 2019

Kevin Chadwick

Worked great


10 September 2019

Janine Poole


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*** Whitening effect based on the change of the biometrical L*value (In vitro evaluation of iWhite Express for stain removal and whitening effect versus a positive control).

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