iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening

IW Instant
  • Professional teeth whitening kit
  • Instant results
  • Clinically proven and 100% safe
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iWhite Instant is a teeth whitening kit for professional whitening results at home. The product contains a revolutionary whitening gel which has been clinically proven safe and instantly effective. You will see an immediate effect after the first application!

This innovative, one step system will also actively remove stains and strengthen your teeth. It’s easy to wear and to use. The product is composed of 10 thin and flexible trays to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum performance. The iWhite Instant whitening trays are one size fits all and are individually packed.

This at home treatment should be worn only 20 minutes a day for instant results up to 8 shades whiter*. The product can be used for 5 consecutive days for even more astonishing results or you can use it once in a while whenever you feel it is necessary.

Customer reviews

26 reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars
Colour did not change much

26 July 2019

Joan knight

I could not see much difference

Great seller,great product

20 July 2019

Amazon Customer

Great product, got product on time.

Honest Review of product

3 May 2019


Never really write reviews but thought I should start so here’s what I thought of the product..Dislike - that the product and instructions are in German - but suppose item is simple to use cant really go wrong.Like - used for the first time and I could see a difference straight away - but to be honest my teeth weren’t that bad don’t drink or smoke just general ageing of teeth so pleased with first results and can’t wait to continue with rest of product..

Excellent Value for Money! Puzzled by the negative reviews....

6 March 2019

S Jones

I bought this product on a whim (was on sale!) and, being a regular coffee drinker, thought I could probably benefit from it. I did not read reviews before my purchase - and I'm glad I didn't to be honest!Immediately after first use I noticed a significant difference. Now, I did leave the trays in for 30 minutes, rather than the recommended 20 - I'm not encouraging anyone to do the same, but this extra 10 minutes has caused no ill effects!I've just completed the second application and cannot stop smiling!I honestly cannot understand the poor reviews of this product. Like most whitening trays, keeping your mouth closed and in a fixed position for half an hour is a little uncomfortable. I've used the opportunity to crack on with the housework - this takes your mind of it and stops you from having a peek mid-treatment. I assume that it is important to keep your mouth closed the entire time. I'm not a scientist but maintaining heat within your mouth probably assists the chemical reaction...Anyway, I would 100% buy this product again. Go into this with realistic expectations - it is a relatively low-priced product, not a £30k Cheryl Cole special.Great Value for money!

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* Based on the determination of tooth color after one treatment of 20 minutes using a universal shade guide (Double blinded randomized clinical trial of a teeth whitening product vs a placebo).

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