How to use the iWhite Instant2 whitening kit in order to get a white and sparkling smile?

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Step 1: Brush teeth gently before each application.

Step 2: Make sure that your hands are clean and dry.

Step 3: Remove the prefilled tray from the sealed sachet and immediately place the tray in your mouth ensuring the gel is in contact with the tooth surface. Upper and lower teeth can be whitened at the same time.

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Step 4: Gently close your lips over the tray and carefully close your mouth. Caution: biting too hard may cause excess gel to ooze out of the tray and away from the teeth. Avoid swallowing the gel.

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Step 5: Remove the tray after 20 minutes and discard immediately. Gently rinse with water the remaining gel away from your teeth and gums.

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